VIDEO PREMIERE: Steve J. Allen – Other World

VIDEO PREMIERE: Steve J. Allen – Other World

Singer-songwriter Steve J. Allen introduces the music video, “Other World,” a song from his recent album, Contrast. Co-written by Steve and Matt Hardouin of the band Fallan, “Other World” probes the enigma of the temporal dimension known as time, the fourth dimension revealed by Einstein.

Known as a punk rocker because of his debut album, Wreck The Place, on his latest album, Contrast, Steve Allen incorporates a diverse panoply of sonic styles, so much so that one never knows what to expect from song to song.

In the video for “Other World,” co-directed by award-winning filmmaker Marwah Ghazi, a shadow-filled room displays myriad clocks, some running backwards, some forward. Allen portrays a chronomancer who surfs time, arriving to guide a friend through a dream-like state.

“Other World” opens on a low-slung guitar flowing into a soft folk-rock melody topped by Steve’s portentous voice, rife with dark tones, exposing ghostly timbres bordering on the sepulchral, while the lyrics present a fateful milieu of hypnotic quality.

“This place has looked in better shape / Routine has gotten old / Your home is getting lighter by the day / Your possessions have been sold / You’re waking up to a newer world / The days are harder, but your life is coming back.”

Trembling with mysterious foreboding, “Other World” silhouettes Steve J. Allen’s introspective, almost ominous voice against a seductive, spectral melody.

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