VIDEO PREMIERE: Jack Britten – I Want to Be Alone

VIDEO PREMIERE: Jack Britten - I Want to Be Alone

Jack Britten continues to show the music world that there is no limit to his DIY production abilities with this fresh new single, ‘I Want to Be Alone’.

In this new track, Jack elegantly fuses emotive lines with his own unique production style proving that he can disguise even the darkest of lyrics in a song that will test your ability to stand still. Jack’s unique blend of bright synthesisers and smooth vocals ensures that this alternative pop track will be stuck in your head from the first listen, and will draw you in for more. Listening to the depth and quality of this track, it’s hard to believe that ‘I Want to Be Alone’ is only Jack’s second single. Jack is a stand out artist who is serious about his craft and is most certainly one to watch.

The very fact that ‘I Want to Be Alone’ was created and produced in his self-built studio in Somerset, during quarantine, is testament to his unparalleled passion for creating high quality music by himself. As with his first single, ‘Running Round My Head’, Jack’s only external input was Grammy-nominated mastering engineer, Mike Marsh (famed for his work with Jonas Blue, Zedd and Calvin Harris, among many others).

Check out the video for ‘I Want to Be Alone’ – BELOW:

Where other artists may have turned to sample packs and presets, Jack involved his family in the creation of his percussive samples. Calling on his sister, working for the NHS in London, and his 90-year-old nan, Jack asked his family to record themselves clapping and used those samples in the track. The family input wasn’t limited solely to the soundtrack. Alongside Jack you’ll see his parents and grandparents in the music video, providing us with a vibrant and light-hearted visual to balance this deep song.

Don’t be fooled though this isn’t just any old home video. Using high-end production equipment, and with virtual help from his director of photography, Oliver Newman, the end result could rival any studio made music video. This short film proves that not even a countrywide lockdown can stop Jack producing work to inspire and entertain us all.

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