VIDEO PREMIERE: ANDRENACHROME Unveil New Single 'Burn The Witch Dead' - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: ANDRENACHROME Unveil New Single 'Burn The Witch Dead' - Watch Now

The culmination of two lives spent soaking up every experience life can throw at them, ANDRENACHROME isn’t just a sound, it’s a fully immersive experience. Appropriately named after the mind-altering compound, Adrenochrome, featured in the literary classics, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and A Clockwork Orange, their latest single is Burn The Witch Dead an invitation to explore or retreat from reality.

ANDRENACHROME are Steve Chrome and Sam Souls, based in Lincoln, UK and veterans of both the Manchester scene of the late 1990’s and the Acid House party scene. Their respective bands attracted critical acclaim and national Radio 1 plays but disillusioned by the workings of the major label that courted them, they went their separate ways – in Sam’s case, all the way to Thailand. Time proved to be a great healer and both Steve and Sam emerged rejuvenated and inspired, maintaining their DIY punk ethic and non-conformist approach but adding to their guitar-based armoury a battery of ambient and electronic warheads and syncopated beats. Their ethereal, consuming sound is matched by philosophical, far-reaching lyrics questioning the very essence of being and challenging the roles of humans on Earth.

Watch 'Burn The Witch Dead' - BELOW:

Burn The Witch Dead is the first track to be released from their forthcoming debut album, Here on Earth. The result of five years planning, blood, sweat, tears, MMA and floatation therapy tanks, ANDRENACHROME are a genre-trashing phenomenon, two free-thinkers reaching out to generations of music lovers who have lost track of their place in the cosmos.

Released under Electric HusH Records

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