BILLIE EILISH is haunted by second album pressure

BILLIE EILISH is haunted by second album pressure

Billie Eilish says the thought of making her second album “haunts” her after she experienced a difficult time touring her first LP. The ‘Bad Guy’ singer has a sense of dread surrounding the prospect of creating new songs after the success of her first album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ left her questioning her love of music.

Speaking to Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong for a special edition of Rolling Stone magazine, she said: “[My next album] haunts me. “There was a period where I was like, ‘Do I even enjoy music?’ ” Billie released her debut album LP in March 2019 and has spent the rest of the year touring the songs, but the 17-year-old artist insists the life of a pop star is not as glamorous as people might imagine.

In September, Billie sprained her ankle on stage at the beginning of a show in Italy and was the victim of theft when someone stole one of her rings during another show in October.

She said: “It just felt like so much touring. And I don’t mean the shows. The shows are always my favourite part. But it was just travelling and being alone all the time, on a cold bus in Europe, horrible food, and when you come back everyone’s kind of moved on from you. This last tour I went on was the first I’ve ever enjoyed. I feel like I have this amazing thing that now I actually see.”

Despite Billie’s angst about her second studio LP, her singer/songwriter brother Finneas O’Connell revealed earlier this month that they are “deep” into the creative process of her second album.

Finneas spilled: “I’m writing the album now and I think the album’s all-new. I think it’ll mirror ‘When We All Fall Asleep…’ in that sense that the EP had ‘Ocean Eyes’ and ‘Bellyache’ and then the album was just only album songs and no re-releases so we’re excited about that one.

“We’re deep into the creative process on new material for sure.”

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