STEVE EYRE - Premiers videos from new ANDRENACHROME album - watch

STEVE EYRE - Premiers videos from new ANDRENACHROME album - watch

New Beginnings is the debut album from Lincolnshire musician Steve Eyre and is a complete step away from his first EP under this guise ‘Science & Nature’ released 3 years ago. This is also a complete metamorphosis in terms of genre for Steve, who up until the latter years of his musical output, has been firmly rooted in the guitar based singer/songwriter spectrum or bass playing in various alt rock bands.

The love for electronic music has always been there since childhood but it’s taken ten years or more to study its disciplines and refrain from picking up the guitar throughout the entire gig (bar the electric bass playing on many of the tracks). Not exactly ‘New beginnings’ for this albums creator, but certainly for anyone who knows anything of his musical previous.


01 Empires
02 Golden Gates
03 Your Final Dream
04 Odyssee de l'espace
05 New Beginnings
06 Divide & Funk
07 Go Tropo
08 Veritas
09 Something is nothing
10 Spaghettification
11 Schadenfraude

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