VIDEO PREMIERE: All-Time Highs from Alt-Soul Genius, ANG LOW - 'Funny Weather'

VIDEO PREMIERE: All-Time Highs from Alt-Soul Genius, ANG LOW - 'Funny Weather'

Creating a visual and audible presence which is equal parts psychedelic space alien and alt-electro soul high priest, ANG LOW has shared the visuals for 'Funny Weather'. With delicious hooks and dance-floor ready melodies, 'Funny Weather' comes from Ang Low's new album 'UP'; a collection of tracks impossible not to enjoy.

With a golden voice, his is a story of constant discovery and change. From military brat and choir boy to petty thug and rejuvenated alt-soul icon du jour, Ang Low has seen it all and bought the outrageous t-shirt.

Watch 'Funny Weather' - BELOW:

Following the success of his earlier EPs - with his debut "Life Goes Down" (released via Universal Music Group) clearing over 1 million plays on Spotify - his forthcoming LP, "UP" is a clear move forward. Before his LP drops Ang steps into his own as a songwriter and storyteller, cooking up tales of love and heartache on the streets of his imagination, while the musical world behind him just... slaps. Originally setting course on a path to be an actor, a facial scar he received in a knife attack whilst he was serving a prison term prompted a complete re-evaluation of his aims, fearing his look would damage the range of roles he could be considered for.

Created with Brooklyn based songwriter/producer Andrew Fox (Domino Publishing) and production collective The Creamery, the music is truly Ang Low's world - a surreal dayglo-gospel-dancehall feast for the ears.

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