VIDEO PREMIERE: A Killer’s Confession – Tell Your Soul, feat. Chad Gray

VIDEO PREMIERE: A Killer’s Confession – Tell Your Soul, feat. Chad Gray

Nu-metal/alt-metal outfit A Killer’s Confession (AKC) unveil their brand-new single/music video, “Tell Your Soul,” featuring Chad Gray, frontman of Mudvayne and Hellyeah.

AKC’s advent occurred when frontman Waylon Reavis departed Mushroomhead, whereupon Reavis formed his own band, mirroring his singular creativity. Founded in 2016, AKC comprises Waylon Reavis (vocals), Tommy Church (guitar), JP Cross (bass), and Morgan Bauer (drums).

Releasing their debut album, Unbroken, via EMP Label Group in 2017, the band split their time performing for SRO audiences and laying down tracks for their sophomore album, The Indifference Of Good Men. In the interim, their contract with EMP elapsed, leaving them sans a label.

Nevertheless, AKC continued releasing new music, including “Angel On The Outside,” “I Wish,” and “Reanimated,” amassing over two million streams on Spotify.

Call it manifest destiny or simply good luck, in 2019, AKC signed with Pepper Gomez’s Wake Up! Music Group, noteworthy for its innovative approach to artist development, management, and recording. The label straightaway released The Indifference Of Good Men to massive success.

Renowned as the frontman of both Mudvayne and Hellyeah, Chad Gray quit his day job and moved to Illinois, where he formed Mudvayne in the late ‘90s, followed by releasing L.D. 50, which sold more than 500,000 copies in its first year. Over the next decade, Mudvayne dropped four more albums, establishing Mudvayne as one of heavy metal’s foremost bands.

Meanwhile, Gray and Tommy Maxwell put together a side project, a super-group named Hellyeah, which dropped a series of bestselling albums.

“Tell Your Soul” opens on a low-slung, haunting intro topped by Chad Gray’s deluxe voice, echoing luscious rasping timbres rife with searching tones. When the guitars mousse up on heavy growling textures, the tune takes on muscular essence highlighted by the wicked blending of two of alt-metal’s elite voices, imbuing the lyrics with the imminence of profound loneliness.

Shot in shades of emerald-green accented by laces of heliotrope, along with shifts to a grey shrouded apparition, the visuals convey the dark recesses of a soul in deep anguish.

Simultaneously emotionally pillaging and intense, “Tell Your Soul” reveals the ache of a soul doomed to separation with spine-chilling sonic pressure.

Watch the video for Tell Your Soul, feat. Chad Gray - BELOW:

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