VIDEO PREMIERE: 1st Base Runner – Only One

VIDEO PREMIERE: 1st Base Runner – Only One

Austin, Texas-based indie electronic artist 1st Base Runner, introduces the music video, “Only One,” a track from his debut EP, Seven Years of Silence, which will be followed by another EP, Ellis, dropping September 24. As indicated by the title of the EP, 1st Base Runner, aka Tim Husmann, paused for seven years before creating the EP. He had performed with international acts in venues like the Troubadour and the Fillmore, playing drums and synths.

Talking about the result of his time away, Husmann says, “It was something that had to be made. I had tried to suppress the concepts and ideas explored in the 8 tracks for several years. It is my willingness to be vulnerable and laid bare before others in an attempt to glimpse some fundamental truths about what it means to be here and to be present. It is an exploration of expectations and shortcomings and how they, in turn, will make us all the more uniquely human. No one gets out with clean hands, not on this ride, and not in this lifetime.”

Directed by Matt Mahurin, the video presents a surreal, spectral landscape from a haunted supernatural realm akin to the mythic structure of the underworld. 1st Base Runner sits on a stool as unfolding hands and flowers appear silhouetted against a smoky, churning backdrop. Stylized chairs materialize as if falling from on high. The spine-chilling culmination shows 1st Base Runner removing his leg braces, followed by a broken heart unifying over a guitar.

Mystical tones open “Only One,” rolling into a throbbing rhythm topped by melancholic, trickling textures rippling with dark intensity. Slowly mounting, almost tolling surfaces suffuse the tune with sepulchral depth. Strident, gleaming accents permeate the music with vibrating colours, adding to the portentous sensation. 1st Base Runner’s chanting vocals imbue the lyrics with sacred savours.

At once, elegiac and shivering with cryptic colouration, “Only One” blends post-punk, Gothic-pop, and never-never land elements into music, conjuring up manifestations of the Delphic Oracles.

Watch the video for ‘Only One’ – BELOW:

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