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Earlier in the evening U2.com subscribers received an email saying “Ok, we’re not going to play all innocent. Those rumours about new songs ? Some of them were not entirely unfounded. What are we on about ? We’re sworn to secrecy but all will be revealed very shortly – and we don’t want our subscribers to miss the action.” The email also provided a link for fans to watch tonights Apple event live stream.

Fans had to wait a while until Apple introduced all their latest products including the “Apple Watch” which left tech geeks salivating at the mouth. Then for U2 fans the main announcement they have been waiting for to dispel months of rumours. U2 appeared live on stage to perform the riff heavy new track “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)”.
then came the big surprise! after a standing ovation Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Wasn’t that the most incredible single you ever heard? We would love a whole album of that.”

“The question is now, how do we get it to as many people as possible, because that’s what our band is all about,” Bono said. “I do believe you have over half a billion subscribers to iTunes, so — could you get this to them?” “If we gave it away for free,” Cook replied. And five seconds later, the album was unleashed in the largest album release of all time.

Bono told Rolling Stone’s Gus Wenner the day before the press conference in an exclusive interview. “We wanted to make a very personal album,” “Let’s try to figure out why we wanted to be in a band, the relationships around the band, our friendships, our lovers, our family. The whole album is first journeys — first journeys geographically, spiritually, sexually. And that’s hard. But we went there.”

The band worked on Innocence for two years with producer Danger Mouse (a.k.a. Brian Burton), then brought in additional help: Flood, their collaborator since 1987’s The Joshua Tree, plus Adele producers Paul Epworth and Ryan Tedder. “I think having them around really helped,” says Bono, “Some of the music out there now that people call pop, it’s not pop – it’s just truly great. And we wanted to have the discipline of the Beatles or the Stones in the Sixties, when you had real songs. There’s nowhere to hide in them: clear thoughts, clear melodies.”

Bono told u2.com “We’re collaborating with Apple on some cool stuff over the next couple of years, innovations that will transform the way music is listened to and viewed. We’ll keep you posted. If you like Songs of Innocence, stay with us for Songs of Experience. It should be ready soon enough… although I know I’ve said that before…

Watch U2 perform ‘The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)’ live at the Apple event BELOW:

Songs of Innocence – the first U2 album in five years – is available free to anyone from iTunes until October 13.
After that date, it will be made available everywhere else, including CD. Expect a review from us very soon!

On October 13th the physical release of Songs of Innocence comes with a 24-page booklet. A deluxe, gatefold double album, contains an acoustic session of songs from the album and four additional tracks: Lucifer’s Hands, The Crystal Ballroom, The Troubles (Alternative version) and Sleep Like a Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)

The album will also be available as a gatefold, double white-vinyl LP with an exclusive remix of “The Crystal Ballroom”.

Watch the Making of ‘Songs Of Innocence’ HERE:

The ‘Songs Of Innocence’ tracklisting is:

‘The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)’
‘Every Breaking Wave’
‘California (There Is No End To Love)’
‘Song For Someone’
‘Iris (Hold Me Close)’
‘Raised By Wolves’
‘Cedarwood Road’
‘Sleep Like A Baby Tonight’
‘This Is Where You Can Read Me Now’

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