TRACK PREMIERE: Sukko - Banana Juice

TRACK PREMIERE: Sukko - Banana Juice

Sukko was formed over the summer of 2018 in Norwich by duo Eliot Clarke and Felix Jordan. Now located across Sheffield, Lincoln and Norfolk, the band have developed into an exciting 5-piece. Fusing indie rock, jazz, reggae and bedroom pop, the band has consistently been featured on BBC Introducing in Norfolk and Lincolnshire, including interviews and live sessions.

Sukko’s latest outing ‘Banana Juice’ was recorded and produced by guitarist Eliot Clarke who has crafted the perfect indie feel-good song for the summer. The band address a slightly deeper message lyrically than may meet the ear. The song tackles issues surrounding climate change and global warming, with a persona picturing their ideal world, an Eden with luscious landscapes. As the song progresses; it is clear that the world is just a vision, with lyrics such as “in hazy vision”. There is a constant emphasis on change from within, targeted at the listener. Lines including “It’s not them, it’s you” and the repetition of the word “mirror” help to drive that message through.

“When we first started playing Banana Juice in our live set, we were so desperate to get it out to our audience that we actually didn’t have any vocals for the chorus. Each gig Felix would sing some lines, brilliantly improvised, and no one picked up on it at all. In fact, it wasn’t until we started recording the vocals, the ones you hear on the track now, that we actually built the chorus section, with an amalgamation of the improvised vocals from the previous shows.” – Eliot Clarke

Listen to 'Banana Juice' - BELOW:

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