TRACK PREMIERE: Lauren Minear presents 'Fools In Love'

Lauren Minear

The new single from Lauren Minear titled "Fools In Love" is a track that will no doubt resonate with many. Taken from her new album 'Invisible Woman', set for release on October 15th, the track is an ode to couples who struggle to communicate with one another, but the song also works on some level for anyone who has ever found themselves unable to get a point across to a friend or family member.

"Fools In Love" is a song about when communication fails in a relationship," Lauren explains. "I wrote it during COVID quarantine, when it often felt like my husband and I, out of necessity, were living separate lives. I was taking care of our newborn and toddler full-time, and he was working from home. Like so many couples at that time, especially those with young children, we were simultaneously spending entirely too much time together and lacking any opportunity to connect. From my training and work as a psychotherapist, I know that it's hard enough to communicate one's needs at the best of times. The pandemic made it even more of a challenge."

She goes on: "When I started the song, I was mad at my husband for some small reason that I can't recall, but as I wrote and processed, I softened and laughed about how much we both contribute to our particular relationship dynamic - how sometimes it's our similarities that give us the most trouble. When both of us struggle to say what we need, and neither of us can "read [the other's] mind", we are "fools in love" - stuck apart, but equally longing for connection."

Asked what it is she loves most about creating songs like "Fools" to share with the world, she adds: "Writing songs is a tonic for me, and this one, especially, transformed my anger into something beautiful. It helped me find perspective. Now, when I play it, I think about that brief moment when an argument is coming to a close when our defenses fall, our faces crack, smiles, and we know that it's going to be okay."

Listen to 'Fools In Love' - BELOW:

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