TRACK PREMIERE: Joseph Thompson - 'It's Gonna Be Fine' - Listen Now

TRACK PREMIERE: Joseph Thompson - 'It's Gonna Be Fine' - Listen Now

New UK indie-pop artist Joseph Thompson is back with another new single today on all streaming/download platforms. The woozy alt-pop of 'It's Gonna Be Fine' offers up synth hooks next to 80’s influenced indie guitar sounds and asks questions about the influence of celebrity idols and stars.

“ It’s Gonna Be Fine is about how disingenuous I find it when successful artists, actors and celebrities tell their fans a vague message of inspiration like ‘follow your dreams, you’ll make it’, or ‘it’s gonna be fine’”, explains Thompson. “These people come from such a fortunate place living the life they want to lead, and yet they turn around to their fans - many of whom will not be having the best time of it - and tell them how great everything is going to be, and how if they made it, anyone can make it.

Listen to the exclusive XS Noize Premiere of 'It's Gonna Be Fine' - BELOW:

I appreciate honesty, and nothing is more refreshing then when successful people turn around and say that actually, you know what - life is hard work, and you may not make it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. It’s Gonna Be Fine is me making a song telling everyone it’s going to fine, whilst also admitting it might not be – and that’s ok!”

Joseph Thompson blends the upbeat, joyous energy of synth-pop choruses with emotionally charged lyrics, tackling all topics from Post-Brexit Britain to mental health. Avoiding the clichés and easy avenues of laddish indie-rock and mainstream pop, Thompson takes a defiantly personal approach to his songwriting with the aim of creating an authentic connection with his young and growing audience.

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