TRACK PREMIERE: Hanford Reach - 'Hidden Affinities' - Listen Now

TRACK PREMIERE: Hanford Reach - 'Hidden Affinities' - Listen Now

Hanford Reach’s latest single “Hidden Affinities” is here to announce summer isn’t over yet. Full of bounce and a singalong chorus, this is a major sonic step forward as they continue to evolve into new regions. It comes on the heels of their second EP, Nathalie, released earlier this year.

The band's Chris Sherman of the EP, "I really wanted to try and capture sounds from when I was growing up, things that got me into music and made me want to play in the first place. Something like eighties pop, funnelled through a rhythm section that maybe put a record out on SST and toured with Sonic Youth, but if they had access to Kevin Parker’s pedalboard while binging on Stranger Things.”

Quote from Chris Sherman; "'Hidden Affinities' was a song I started writing on a beautiful Northern California day while driving to Mount Tamalpais, which is probably where the bounce and vibe of the song comes from. Lyrically, it's about falling for something or someone, but reality eventually taking hold, making you realize perhaps it’s not meant to be. It's the first of a bunch of new stuff we've been working on and a conscious effort to write compact and catchy songs. Recording Hidden Affinities probably took a little longer than we’d have liked, mainly because it initially came together so fast, there wasn’t time given to think about “what else” it needed to push it over the top. It has already become a staple of the live set and is seriously one of the most fun songs to play."

Listen to 'Hidden Affinities' - BELOW:

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