TRACK PREMIERE: Ellie Irwin - Hey Ellena

TRACK PREMIERE: Ellie Irwin - Hey Ellena

Based in Central Pennsylvania, alt-pop artist Ellie Irwin introduces a brand-new track, “Hey Ellena,” the latest in her series of coming-of-age singles. Produced by Bob McCutcheon, the track features the guitars of Luke Wood and Gregg Montante.

Explaining the series, Ellie shares, “These songs represent a journey of realizing who I am and that I’m done struggling to appease people. These songs have helped me reconnect with who I am, and they’ve also helped me realize I don’t need to depend on others for my self-worth. I’m the same person since writing them, but I’ve evolved. I hope my growing pains here can enlighten and comfort others.”

According to the story, Ellie wrote “Hey Ellena” after her cousin, who is her website designer, teasingly proposed Ellie write a song paying tribute to her. So, she did, completing the song in 40 minutes.

“The song actually turned out to have a lot of self-evaluation qualities—like I was checking in on myself,” says Ellie.

“Hey, Ellena” opens on a gleaming, gentle guitar, followed by the entry of an elegant piano and Ellie’s soft, opulent voice. Vaguely reminiscent of Taylor Swift crossed with Joni Mitchell, it’s a voice exquisitely textured by rich, lustrous timbres. Stripped-down yet rife with a tender intimacy, “Hey Ellena” projects tantalizing auras of sumptuous sound.

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