TRACK PREMIERE: Dana and The Wolf – “Got My Poly” – Listen Now!

TRACK PREMIERE: Dana and The Wolf -  "Got My Poly" - Listen Now!

Dana and the Wolf’s are ready to release their new single “Got My Poly” January 31st. Here are some facts about them: They have been together for a decade, in an open relationship. In his early 20s, Daniel departed from Judaism and followed Dana into the path of Agnosticism. Their single “Attitude” reached Spotify World Viral #29. And their most recent track “Him” got viral in Germany, Netherlands, and other European countries.

Daniel: “Got Me Poly” is about confronting the fearful majority. At the end of the day being “poly” is just as ridiculous and insatiable as “mono;” the latter is just more boring.

Dana: As open minded as people seem these days, there’s still so much prejudice towards people with multiple lovers. I don’t want it to sound like I’ll fuck anyone. I have a big heart. I don’t see the benefit in closing it off to certain people I meet in my life.

Listen to “Got My Poly” BELOW:

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