TRACK PREMIERE: Coumarin – New Descent

TRACK PREMIERE: Coumarin – New Descent

Stuttgart, Germany-based alternative singer-songwriter Coumarin, aka Andre Westerholt, releases “New Descent,” the ninth of his currently ongoing series of stand-alone singles.

Talking about “New Descent,” Coumarin shares, “The song stems from one of my oldest musical ideas with some elements dating as far back as 2016. Even before the pandemic, the subjects I deal with in the track have been washing up more and more – the past two years have intensified that even further. This feeling of not belonging, to constantly be in search for something and to never find peace in one place is something I have found myself feeling more and more in the recent past. Coupled with a sense of seemingly ubiquitous discontent emanated by my own generation, there is a lot to unpack and to meditate about when it comes to us as a society and the millennial generation.”

Along with being featured in Australia’s Happy Mag, Coumarin was one of four artists highlighted in Stuttgart’s lifestyle magazine, Geheimtipp Stuttgart. Coumarin’s sound blends alternative and pop elements with hints of indie, folk, and punk.

“New Descent” opens on lush washes of guitars and synths, riding tight, thumping percussion that shifts with finesse. Made up of three distinct leitmotifs, luminous guitars, rhythmic pulses, and Coumarin’s evocative voice, the song is vaguely reminiscent of Coldplay crossed with The Killers, rich, resonant, and expansive.

There’s an alluring, fluid sensation to “New Descent” that gives the tune sonic elegance as well as heavy ethereal essence.

Listen to “New Descent” – BELOW:


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