TRACK PREMIERE: Chillhum – Highspeed

TRACK PREMIERE: Chillhum – Highspeed

Denver, Colorado-based vocalist and producer, introduces his new single, “Highspeed,” an intimate, soul-searching song.

Chillum explains, “Lyrically, ‘Highspeed’ is a song centred around how disorienting it can be as a young person trying to figure out what direction to take with your future, and how this confusion can affect your present life in other ways. As you grow up, you are constantly bombarded with the different pathways everyone around you feels are ‘best,’ and then at a certain point, you are just forced to decide and jump in headfirst. This song is essentially my perspective on that process – thankfully, I am really happy with where I am right now, but it all can, without a doubt, still be scary and overwhelming, and I think that is something that’s always a part of life.”

He goes on to add, “Musically, I am really proud of the instrumental work on this one. All of the synths are from the Korg Minilogue. Of course, I played the guitar and bass as well – but in this one, I am particularly proud of how all the elements complement each other without being overly complex. The melodic elements all flow really nicely into and out of one another and also between sections. For this reason, I kept this one pretty minimal in terms of things like sound effects or noise sweeps and tried to give it a more live feel by having the instruments do most of that transitional work. Although that’s not something I plan to do in all my future tracks, I’m super proud of how it worked here!”

Chillhum, aka Ethan Bedell, has been playing and writing music most of his life. Yet it wasn’t until 2018 he began producing his own music, leading to the recent release of his EP, Long Way, which caught the attention of Apple Music, appearing on the Indie Pop and New in Indie playlists.

“Highspeed” travels on lustrous, drifting colours, topped by the evocative voice of Chillhum, vaguely reminiscent of Deweny Bunnell.  Woozy waves of synth colouration imbue the tune with delicious wobbly textures riding a crisp shuffling rhythm.

Rife with lush, fluctuating colours, “Highspeed” offers glossy, polished surfaces dripping with low-slung contemplative vibes and musing lyrics.

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