THE FEELING announce fifth album ‘The Feeling’ released on 12th February 2016 with new track ‘Wicked Heart’ – Listen

THE FEELING announce fifth album 'The Feeling' released on 12th February 2016 with new track 'Wicked Heart' - Listen

The Feeling have announced the release of their fifth album self-titled The Feeling, which will be released on 12th February 2016, with new track Wicked Heart and an exclusive show at London’s Oslo on 28th October.

In making their fifth album, The Feeling boldly went where not many bands in the last 30 years have gone before: they decided to record the entire thing in just a few days, as a fully live band. The plan was to capture the spirit and musicianship that has made them such a successful live draw for the past decade (this summer alone, they were booked for more than 25 festivals across Europe).

“This record captures a kind of energy you’d normally only get if you’ve seen us in concert,” says frontman Dan Gillespie Sells. “But it’s hard to recreate that in the studio if you’re recording along to individual parts that were done separately the day before.”

In that spirit, the band abandoned the standard studio time-keeper of a click track (making editing together pieces of different takes nigh-on impossible) and recorded the songs one at a time, in full takes. The best takes are the ones that made the album.

“We did do a lot of rehearsing and planning,” says Gillespie Sells, who had written this latest collection of powerful, literate and downright catchy songs over the previous year. “But when it came to pressing record, it was just a really fired-up live band in a room playing together.”

And that’s exactly what you’ll hear on this raw, passionate album. It’s also why its title is The Feeling. Because this, more than any of their previous records, is what they really sound like. A lyric video for new track Wicked Heart can be watched here Wicked Heart and the album is available to pre-order now from

The Feeling have also announced a small exclusive show on 28th October at London’s Oslo to coincide with the launch of their new album. It will be a chance for fans to see the band in an intimate venue and hear some tracks from their new album early on. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am.

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