SYNTHETIC ORGANS – Announce new album – A Roar From A Northern Shore

SYNTHETIC ORGANS - Announce new album - A Roar From A Northern Shore

Following some success with 3 EP’’s ‘Miami Space Bus’ / ‘Follow the Pattern’ & ‘The Guru is a Perfect Mirror’, Synthetic Organs have excelled in their output and created an electronica album saturated in a romantic concept of some kind of coastal psychedelic fantasy. With a confident flavour each track conjures and stirs with retrospective melodies, one foot in the mythical seas of classic analogue and the other firmly in the shallower tides of the present.

Take a journey to an epic northern shore, take some booze and biscuits and that.

Synthetic Organs are producers Funsize Jonny & Brian Feral, they formed in late 2013 after knowing each other for a short while and appreciating each others tracks and banter. Jonny is an experienced DJ, is notorious in Newcastle’s underground techno scene (since 2000) and has a solo release of a 4 track EP out on Vinyl (via Magic Waves) this year. Feral is an experienced producer of 10 years and has been known to DJ solo when blackmailed. ‘We make & play melodic danceable electronica created with a balanced combo of analog & digital production referencing house, disco, classic electro, iDM, techno and inspired by much more.’

Track Listing:

1. Worshore
2. Reflections in Waves
3. Miami Space Bus (orginal version) 4. Dunecats
5. Oceans Ever Deeper
6. Neon Maniacs
7. Synthetica
8. Bandstand Dafty
3. Nortbert Mont-Celery 4. Kalingo
5. Kish the Fiss
6. Nordic Skies

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