ROBBIE WILLIAMS' biggest hit 'Angels' is about him communicating with spirits as a child

ROBBIE WILLIAMS' biggest hit 'Angels' is about him communicating with spirits as a child

Robbie Williams has revealed that his hit song 'Angels' was actually about his encounters with ghosts as a kid, which "freaked" his father out. The 45-year-old pop star has previously opened up about his own experiences with extraterrestrials and went on to feature in the documentary 'Hunt For The Skinwalker' about one of the most famous paranormal spots in the world last year.

Now the former Take That member has revealed the origin of his 1997 song from his debut solo LP 'Life thru a Lens', which is about his encounters with "dead people" as a youngster.

He told The Sun Online: "When I was a kid I used to talk to dead people.

"I freaked my father out when I was three, four and five and they were people that had passed on.

"I had lucid dreams. There's been UFOs, one close enough I could throw a tennis ball.

"I used to call them ghosts but I don't anymore as I don't know what they are."

The 'I Love My Life' hitmaker - who has six-year-old Teddy, Charlie, four, and eight-month-old Coco with his wife Ayda Field - has encountered many unexplained experiences over the years that have "influenced" his life, and admitted he doesn't think he would be where he is without his "belief or semi-belief" in the otherworldly.

He added: "I've seen things that I can't explain that have influenced my life and the path that I'm constantly on.

"The phenomena has been constant so there hasn't been a moment of my life when I haven't been aware of the presence of something unseen.

"The very first song I wrote was 'Angels' and it's about actual Angels.

"People think it's about my mum or think it's about somebody I loved but it's actually about angels.

"That's been my biggest hit by far.

"If it wasn't for my belief or semi belief or trying to understand what it is I see and feel every now and again I wouldn't be where I am."

Robbie also penned the 2009 track 'Arizona' from 'Reality Killed the Video Star' about his UFO sighting in the San Fernando Valley.

He said: "I'm in my old house and we started to write this song called 'Arizona' which is about alien abduction and while we were in the process of producing I look up and there was a golden globe in the sky."

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