RIDING THE LOW announce their brand-new album ‘The Death of Gobshite Rambo’ – Hear new single ‘Carapace Of Glass’

RIDING THE LOW announce their brand-new album ‘The Death of Gobshite Rambo’ - Hear new single ‘Carapace Of Glass’

Riding The Low have announced their brand-new album ‘The Death of Gobshite Rambo’. The record will be released on April 8th 2022, with album opener ‘Carapace Of Glass’ released today, following it’s premiere on 6 Music. 

Formed by the inimitable Paddy Considine fifteen years ago, Riding The Low has meticulously built a spectacular catalogue of releases that defy genre. Their brand new single ‘Carapace Of Glass’ is an atmospheric blues-rock confessional “…about people suffering in their own little fragile carapaces” explains Considine. “Not being able to deal with the outside world and living in this protective shell. Finding a hiding place.”

Paddy Considine is a man of ideas and imagination, of drive and defiance, of passion and power. An artist who, now, knows exactly what needs to be done, precisely what needs to be said, and completely how to do that for maximum impact, salvation, escape and joy.

‘The Death of Gobshite Rambo’s 12 rich tracks present reckoning and relief, excavation and celebration, excitement and transcendence. In managing to both dig deep and rock out, Considine and his bandmates have created something truly special, a cohesive body of work that stands up as album and statement.

As he tells it, the album’s title predates the band itself. “Gobshite Rambo is a name I gave to the darker side of my psyche,” says Considine. “But this gobshite wasn’t really who I was, it was this character. So the title is about a rebirth: the death of one part of you and the birth of another.”

Even more specifically, the powerful title song is about the afternoon his father died. Paddy’s dad loved Lee Marvin, even looked a bit like him. That day, he was sitting in dad’s chair and spotted a book he’d given his dad about the Hollywood great. Flicking through the biography, Considine read a chapter about how Marvin would experience depression after filming. “His psychiatrist told him that was the time when he had to do his fishing and the things that fulfilled him and kept his mind occupied. They called that period of time ‘riding the low’. I looked at my mum and said: ‘That’s the name of my band.’”

Listen to ‘Carapace Of Glass’ – BELOW:

Some might suggest that Considine doesn’t need to be doing this…..but he absolutely HAS to be doing this: making music and singing with his rock band Riding The Low. More than that: 15 years since forming the now five-piece with some old mates from in and around his hometown of Burton upon Trent, Considine is making the music of his life.

Since the bands inception, in between Considine’s acting commitments, the band – Richard Eaton (bass), Chris Baldwin (guitar), Dan Baker (guitar) & Jake Brown (drums) – got together as often as possible. They have released two albums, ‘What Happened to the Get to Know Ya?’ (2013) and ‘Are Here To Help the Neighbourhood’ (2016). But great though those were, ‘The Death of Gobshite Rambo’ – recorded in Wolverhampton’s Magic Garden Studios with producer Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Scott Matthews, Robert Plant) – is an achievement of a higher order.

They are indeed Riding The Low, a band of brothers, a band of equals and a band with nothing to prove other than to themselves: that they’re making the music that cuts no corners, shirks no truths, embraces everything that moves them and is determined to uplift the spirits.

“A lot of heart and soul went into it,” reflects Paddy Considine. “If I’m honest, this is the most important thing I do. it’s the only place I truly have a voice, apart from a couple of things I’ve made as a filmmaker. But I know in my heart writing music is my true home. It’s the only place I have that is pure expression.”

He is Paddy Considine, musician, and he absolutely, completely, devotedly needs to be doing this.

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