MELODY’S ECHO CHAMBER announces new album ‘Emotional Eternal’ & shares new single ‘Looking Backward’

MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER announces new album 'Emotional Eternal' & shares new single 'Looking Backward' 1
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Today, Melody’s Echo Chamber returns with her heavenly psychedelic pop and the announcement that her magnificent third studio album, Emotional Eternal, is due for release on April 29th via Domino. Emotional Eternal is a glorious consolidation of the lessons learned along the way, seen through the eyes of someone who has taken a step back, and who can see clearly as a result.

As with her previous acclaimed 2018 album Bon Voyage, this album was initially recorded in the outskirts of Stockholm, with Reine Fiske, the multi-instrumentalist member of Swedish rock-band Dungen who has worked with the likes of Travis Scott and Anna Järvinen, and Fredrik Swahn, the musician, producer and engineer best known for his work with Swedish indie-rock band The Amazing.

“I hope the record has that uplifting quality,” says Melody. “I wanted to be more grounded and mindful through the process. I guided the sessions with simplicity—a contrast with the maximalism of Bon Voyage and the wilderness of my delusions. I made some big and impactful decisions and changes to my life. It took me to where it is peaceful, and I think the record reflects this. It’s more direct.”

First preview from the forthcoming album comes in the form of the joyful ode, “Looking Backward.” The track features Melody’s blissful falsetto tones alongside playful drums and bass and soothing synths. Sonically uplifting yet lyrically introspective at the same time, it marks a welcome return of the ever-enchanting artist.

For the “Looking Backward” video, Melody collaborated with Unreal Engine specialist 3D artist Hyoyon Paik (Chlöe) to create the story of a Metawoman’s eerie journey through a beautifully constructed yet distorted otherworld.

“’Looking Backward’ is a vivid, nonchalant, poetic march to the Unknown,” says Melody of the track. “I wrote the lyrics on my way to Stockholm, in transit at the airport, there was a man creating light reflections with his watch and playing with light on the floors and walls. It felt like an act coming from a source of pure creativity, it made me happy to catch it and inspired me to write the song.”

“It was a truly joyful experience to tap into Melody’s world and use my CGI skill to visualize it,” director Hyoyon Paik commented on the “Looking Backward” video. “This piece demonstrates how artists can utilize digital avatars and CGI to deliver a grander and more immersive narrative in this exciting time, where the digital world and reality are integrated more than ever before.”

Watch the video for ‘Looking Backward’ – BELOW:

A deeply human collection of songs full of prolonged moments of sonic transcendency, Emotional Eternal is a record rooted in adulthood, but one that still regards the world with a childlike wonder. It includes “Alma_The Voyage”, a beautiful paean to motherhood concluding with resounding violins and ebow; “Personal Message” featuring a giddily assured vocal performance from Melody, vertiginous and breathy and the ornate and catchy, “Where The Water Clears the Illusion.” Listening to the album feels like coming across an abundant treasure chest; strap in and get ready to be transported to another heavenly, mediative and groove-filled world.

Emotional Eternal 
Emotional Eternal Album Art

Emotional Eternal 


Emotional Eternal
Looking Backward
Pyramids in the Clouds
The Hypnotist
Personal Message
Where the Water Clears the Illusion
A Slow Dawning of Peace
Alma_The Voyage

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