PREFAB SPROUT to release next batch of remastered vinyl

Prefab Sprout

Off the back of the incredible latest album ‘I Trawl The Megahertz‘, and following last month’s first hit of remastered vinyl, Prefab Sprout have announced an exciting next batch, featuring four of the band’s classic albums – out October 25th – all overseen by Paddy and Martin McAloon.

The releases include Prefab Sprout’s renowned hit album ‘Steve McQueen’ – this time arriving as a ½ speed remaster from the original tapes and follows its 2007 ‘legacy edition’ release. An album that frequently graces critics’ “all time best” lists, it’s a record that is highly-revered. The BBC labelled it as “one of the greats. What really matters is the music. Really. If you have never listened to this album then I urge, no, demand that you do.”

The releases include Prefab Sprout’s fourth studio album ‘Protest Songs’ – an essential release for the band that secured them a UK Top 20 record, as well as their sixth album ‘Andromeda Heights’, that spawned singles ‘A Prisoner Of The Past’ & ‘Electric Guitars’ and comes on 180g black vinyl for the very first time.

Finally, the fourth part in the latest batch is the band’s newly mastered and remastered release of 2009’s ‘Let’s Change The World With Music’ – seen widely as the band’s comeback album, which received critical acclaim.

The full package comes remastered and available as digital versions. Format details below:

●      Steve McQueen (Remastered) – 1LP on 180g black vinyl & ½ speed remaster from the original tapes

●      Protest Songs (Remastered) – 1LP on 180g black vinyl

●      Andromeda Heights (Remastered) – 1LP on 180g black vinyl for the very first time

●      Let’s Change The World With Music (Remastered) – 1LP on 180g black vinyl for the very first time, newly mastered and remastered

Prefab Sprout

Steve McQueen (Remastered)

Side 1

Faron Young
When Love Breaks Down
Goodbye Lucille#1

Side 2
Moving The River
Horsin’ Around
Desire As
Blueberry Pies
When The Angels

Prefab Sprout

Protest Songs

Side 1
The World Awake
Life Of Surprises
Wicked Things

Side 2
Talking Scarlet
‘Til The Cows Come Home
Pearly Gates

Prefab Sprout

Andromeda Heights

Side 1

Electric Guitars

Prisoner Of The Past

The Mystery Of Love

Life’s A Miracle

Anne Marie

Whoever You Are

Side 2

Steal Your Thunder

Avenue Of Stars


The Fifth Horseman


Andromeda Heights

Prefab Sprout

Let’s Change The World With Music

Side 1

Let There Be Music


I Love Music

God Watch Over You

Earth: The Story So Far

Side 2

Music Is A Princess

Last Of The Great Romantics

Falling In Love

Sweet Gospel Music

Meet The New Mozart

Angel Of Love

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