ON THE TURNTABLE: Various – Factory: Communications 1978-92

ON THE TURNTABLE: Various - Factory: Communications 1978-92

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The music industry is forever changing and developing, which is great, but once in a while, real characters come along who stand out from the crowd, and Tony Wilson was definitely one of those.

The story has been told a thousand times, but it doesn’t make it any less brilliant. Manchester has been my home for the majority of my life, and this music is certainly ingrained in the city and many of its inhabitants. This 8 LP anthology of the label, spanning from the earliest releases to its unfortunate demise in ‘92, is a real treasure trove of anthems and forgotten gems.

Whilst the big hitters are always a joy to revisit (Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart, Happy Monday’s – Hallelujah Club Mix, New Order – Blue Monday), it’s great to hear much lesser-known, but equally brilliant singles included such as the gorgeous ‘Time Goes By So Slowly’ by The Distractions and the very early underground House classic ‘Reach For Love’ by Marcel King, to name just a few.

Listening to the sheer volume of music Tony and his mates signed up, produced and distributed out to the masses is not only a joy, but it’s also fascinating to hear the talent and skills grow throughout the 8 records. From the musicians to the songwriting and producers, this really was a team effort.

Towards the end of Factory, they still knew how to pick out great singles, such as baggy anthem ‘Shall We Take A Trip’ by Northside and the sleek ‘Getting Away With It’ by Barney Sumner & Johnny Marr’s side project Electronic, amongst many more included here.

Unfortunately, many of the key players involved with Factory are no longer with us, but they can rest easy in the knowledge that they made their mark on this world by leaving us with these remarkable tunes. Buy this. It’s a necessity. R.I.P. Anthony H Wilson.

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