FAANGS shares video for new single ‘I DON’T CARE’ - Watch Now!

FAANGS shares video for new single ‘I DON’T CARE’ - Watch Now!

Blending a caffeine-rush of alt-pop with the brutal bite of trap rhythms and rock star attitude, FAANGS is an uncompromising superstar in the making. Her early tracks ‘RELAPSE’, ‘HUH’ and ‘RICH KID$’ have immediately established her as a tastemaker tip, and that acclaim has been heralded with some high impact collabs. FAANGS co-wrote Ashnikko’s ‘Cry’(featuring Grimes), featured on Felix Jaehn’s ‘SICKO’ alongside GASHI, and joined Rico Nasty for ‘Own It’.

FAANGS now continues her brave, genre-blending artistry by sharing the brand new single ‘I DON’T CARE’. It’s the latest single to build anticipation for her forthcoming ‘TEETH OUT’ project, which will be released via TEETH OUT / Sony Music Germany / Columbia Records.

‘I DON’T CARE’ is a nihilistic anthem, a carefree dedication to living entirely within the moment and to hell with the consequences. It’s FAANGS’ most fiery sweet/savage concoction to date: the beat pulsates with the unrelenting throb of a hangover, but her voice brings a soothing remedy of slick pop melodies. As we’ve come to expect from FAANGS, ‘I DON’T CARE’ sparkles with a spiky personality that inspires hell-raising hedonistic lyrics such as “Pour my whiskey in my bowl of Trix”to “Threw my phone off the Hollywood W.”

FAANGS says, “‘I DON’T CARE’ is the ultimate anthem for letting loose and letting go, no matter how f*cked up you are inside. It’s a song for all misfits that love the party, love to embrace their recklessness, and those that live like we might not see tomorrow. Life is too short to stress 24/7, may as well throw your hands up and scream ‘I DON’T CARE’ and live how you wanna live. Simple as that.”

FAANGS wrote the song with its producer, the Grammy-nominated Avedon (Megan Thee Stallion, Chloe x Halle).

Watch the video for ‘I DON’T CARE’ - BELOW:

Originally hailing from Canada, FAANGS moved to Los Angeles to mastermind her strikingly futuristic take on pop. It’s a mission that’s taken years of commitment, perfecting songwriting, delving into countless sessions and demonstrating that she’s the real deal. The city’s influence has infiltrated her music and its themes. “This city is savage,” she says. “It doesn’t have teeth—it has fangs, and it will chew you up.”

While her songs are her prime calling card, FAANGS’ visual aesthetic is a big part of her identity. The ‘RELAPSE’ video is a case in point, colliding LA’s seedy underbelly, broken dreams and faded glamour with her whirlwind of charisma.

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