ON THE TURNTABLE: Elsy Wameyo – Nilotic

ON THE TURNTABLE: Elsy Wameyo - Nilotic

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You may have noticed that Hip Hop turns 50 this year, thanks to Kool Herc hosting his original party in the Bronx back in 1973.

It’s insane that it’s taken this long but we’re finally getting somewhere with female rappers sharing the limelight, we’ve obviously got some way to go but the likes of Little Simz and Sampa The Great have certainly helped to pave the way for artists such as Kenyan born, Australian resident Elsy Wameyo.

New EP ‘Nilotic’ sits somewhere between the aforementioned emcees but make no mistake, Elsy has certainly got her own vibe and she mixes styles up with a fresh take on Hip Hop.

Throughout the five tracks here, you can hear African chants, funky breaks, Dub beats and electronic bleeps and beeps. It’s safe to say Elsy’s music has matured since debut single ‘Intuition’ back in 2018 and I’m fully expecting to see her blow up in 2023, she’s definitely got it going on right now.


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