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To those not in the know, Tzusan, AKA Edinburgh-based producer and rapper Jacob Turner, isn’t here to brighten up your day. This is dark, moody and magnificent Hip Hop with an unashamedly Scottish accent.

Everything about this album is unnerving, the atmospheric beats slowly creeping up on you, the superb lyrics “Half you cunts couldn’t punch the skin off a rice pudding”, and the excellent artwork it comes packaged in. This is intelligent Alt Rap made to make you think, laugh and truly wonder.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard something quite as original in the Hip Hop world (the late great MF DOOM springs to mind). If Radiohead were Hip Hop, this is what they’d sound like. Make your life better by buying this album; just don’t expect any sunshine.

Listen to Tzusan - WSPSNSYRP - BELOW:

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