ON THE TURNTABLE: Parra For Cuva - Juno

ON THE TURNTABLE: Parra For Cuva - Juno

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Parra For Cuva - Juno Fourth studio album from the Berlin-based DJ & producer Nicolas Demuth AKA Parra For Cuva. Nicolas Demuth's latest album is a textured journey of shuffled beats and electronic soundscapes akin to that of Sasha & Digweed's Classic Northern Exposure 1 mix album.

If you dig atmospheric, chilled House, then this is certainly the album you're looking for. The album is dedicated to his daughter of the same name and has been recorded in the mind of playing it as a single piece of music.

It's an absolutely gorgeous album, from start to finish, and has been criminally overlooked from last years best of's as far as I'm concerned. Highly recommended tunes to get you in the mood for getting away this year (should that ever happen any time soon). 100% Balearic goodness.

Listen to Parra For Cuva - Juno - BELOW:

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