Norwegian-Irish singer-songwriter TARA NOME DOYLE shares new single 'Caterpillar'

Norwegian-Irish singer-songwriter TARA NOME DOYLE shares new single 'Caterpillar'

With her eagerly-awaited second album ‘Værmin’ (pronounced Vermin) arriving in the next few weeks, the follow-up to her stunning 2020 debut LP ‘Alchemy’ and marking the first time the Berlin-based Norwegian-Irish singer-songwriter will be working with BMG Rights Management’s Modern Recordings imprint, Tara Nome Doyle continues the support for her forthcoming full-length with the soaring new single ‘Caterpillar’.

Following on from the captivating initial efforts ‘Snail I’ and ‘Crow’ in recent months, ‘Caterpillar’ aims to deliver more of the same broad and euphoric textures we have heard from her so far. With her warm and passionate voice layered seamlessly over a progressive organ-led production, her newest offering showcases some of her more compelling songwriting to date, and makes for an enticing listen from start to finish.

Speaking about the new single, she adds, "Sometimes it seems to me as if my depression is actively trying to lull me into a false sense of comfort in times of perceived hopelessness. I wanted to explore my relationship with this state that is at once harrowing and oddly tempting, so I wrote “Caterpillar” from the perspective of personified depression."

Listen to 'Caterpillar' - BELOW:

Tara Nome Doyle is a 24-year old singer-songwriter with Norwegian-Irish roots. In April 2018 her first release, the song ‘Down with You’, came out. Since then it has been streamed more than four million times. More singles and an EP called ‘Dandelion’ followed. In January 2020 her debut album ‘Alchemy’ was celebrated by the German press (“… like Kate Bush singing songs by Nick Cave at Berghain”, SPIEGEL).

Doyle's middle name, Nome, is pronounced ‘Noo-meh’ in Norwegian and ‘No Me’ in English.

In spring 2021 she co-wrote a song with Isobel Waller-Bridge (Fleabag, Emma) for the feature film ‘Munich - The Edge Of War’ by Christian Schwochow (The Crown, Je Suis Karl). In October 2021, this Netflix USA production, starring Jeremy Irons, premiered at the London Film Festival. In the film, which will also see a theatrical release in North America, UK, Germany and Spain on January 7th and on Netflix on January 21st, Doyle can be seen performing the song she co-wrote specifically for the scene, singing in German for the first time. In the end credits a fully orchestrated, English-language version of the song was used. In July 2021 the EP ‘The Moments We Keep’, which she co-wrote and co-produced with the Italian pianist Federico Albanese, came out on Mercury KX. In late 2020 she released recordings with Malakoff Kowalski (‘Bad Dreams’) and 1k Flowers (‘Clemency’).

On ‘Værmin’ Doyle tells a tragic love story, rich in symbolism and nuances, orchestrated with piano, violin and synthesizer and sometimes pulsating beats – and with singing that is both intense and varied, sometimes angelic, sometimes rough and threatening. ‘Værmin’ is touchingly beautiful – and yet it also celebrates the supposed ugliness that lives in all of us and that we like to suppress and ignore. All songs are named after animals that are considered undesirable pests: leeches, caterpillars, snails and worms. ‘Værmin’ celebrates their beauty and thus also asks a political question: What would happen if we “welcomed” these vermin instead of rejecting them? Wouldn't we then arrive at a much richer, balanced relationship with ourselves, to a more differentiated relationship to the world around us and to other people? ‘Værmin’ is a grand, wise, deeply moving album. And the songs get stuck in your head immediately, pulling you into their depths: existential music by an extraordinary artist.

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