Marie Davidson has emerged from Montreal as one of the foremost electronic artists in contemporary underground pop today. Her third album Un Autre Voyage demonstrates her heightened compositional skill behind a sequencer as well as her singular ability to anesthetize the senses through the documentation of her own serial pattern of experiential growth. It's undoubtedly a snap shot of Davidson's current state of expansion as she constructs an intransigently potent assembly of real life expositions that are coarse and organic, yet undeniably nuanced and refined. Dig into her realm and watch the first new video "Balade Aux USA" that debuted over at Noisey dosing her as a "synthed out Serge Gainsbourg."

As a long-time member of Les Momies de Palerme, Hotel Monochrome, DKMD, and Essaie Pas, Marie has continued to hone her many talents in Montréal's fervent experimental communities for much of her adult life. In 2012 Marie began to unveil compositions under her own name, revealing a solo artist who possessed the confident vulnerability required to write, produce, and perform unaccompanied. Davidson's intimate solo work is embodied through a host of synthesizers and drum machines that coalesce in synchronized harmony, punctuated by Marie's hypnotic vocal delivery, sung and spoken in both French and English.

Un Autre Voyage bares the immense weight of Davidson's psyche by turning direct experience into song, utilizing her candid self-examination to convey a new found serenity that playfully underlines her otherwise brooding and pensive soundscapes. Her second full length drops April 14th on Holodeck Records.

Marie Davidson 'Un Autre Voyage' track list

1 - Boulevard Taschereau
2 - Excès De Vitesse
3 - Kidnap You In The Desert
4 - Insomnie
5 - Balade Aux USA
6 - Perséphone

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