In Glasgow we are really lucky to have as exciting an electronic music scene as there is anywhere else and at the forefront of that are Machines In Heaven. Whilst they have been touted by Billboard magazine as "The most likely bet to follow CHRVCHES as Glasgow's new synth-op heroes," 'Machines In Heaven' are much more than a synth-pop act; they take electronic music in new exciting directions and with 'Bordersbreakdown' they have produced a debut album that is worthy of as much praise, if not more, than 'CHVRCHES' debut 'The Bones Of What You Believe' received.

The three tracks from 2013's Glasgow 'Jihad ep' appear here in spruced up form and it's those three that highlight the band's strengths. 'The National Monument' and 'Mumbo Jingo bleep', beep and drone in all the right places and 'Bordersbreakdown' out Mogwai's 'Mogwai' with its' epic scale brilliance. Throughout this album you hear parts of the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Radiohead at their Kid A peak, Kraftwerk and much more. The influences are never overplayed however. They are just passing reference points you pick up as you become engrossed in a genuinely great album. 'Be The Media' and 'Parliament Is Made Of Rice Paper' are two standout tracks, the latter being as good a piece of electronic music as you'll hear this year.

'Machines In Heaven' are a band who are deservedly attracting a lot of attention and with 'Bordersbreakdown' they have proved that they are worthy of that. A hugely impressive debut.


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