Artificial Sunshine EP hits iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc on Monday 4TH August. Featuring Vaccums and Cohorts by French artist Farah Willem as cover artwork, the six-track EP includes Wide-Open, “Wide-Open is their finest composition so far, beautifully woven dream-pop with Radiohead-esque ambitions.

Self-titled debut album I See Angels (2011) and sophomore release Your Memories Are You (2013) are available on iTunes and for name your price (free) download via Bandcamp, “Both albums contain a handful of gems… Embryo, After The Rain, Accelerated Love… these are songs you could easily become obsessive about. It feels like they’ve been learning their craft organically… content to slowly seep into people’s consciousness, rather than bang on any doors. Atoms (Breakdown) is a lost Manchester classic… it’s that special, revealing more emotion within it than most artists could ever hope to find.” TRU LUV

I See Angels – Bio

Paul Baird (Vocals/Guitar/Piano) harboured dreams of one day escaping a dreary day job working in a warehouse. He recorded songs he’d written on to a battered old four-track tape machine, just for kicks. Paul played his homespun, Lo-Fi creations inspired by the likes of Cocteau Twins, Elliott Smith and Radiohead to Martin Cowan (Bass) who encouraged him to form a band like no other. No two bands are exactly the same, Paul thought, that should be a cinch. After burning through five drummers (not literally – they’re still alive and well, although one found God and now considers the band servants of Satan) Paul and Martin met Chris Norwood (Drums) at an undisclosed location, soon discovering he had a gob on him and dreams equal to their own in terms of epic scope and delusion. And so I See Angels, purveyors of fine cinematic dream-pop, burst upon the Manchester music scene. Unfortunately not many people seemed to notice. After years of being told they were going nowhere by their friends and colleagues, Paul, Martin and Chris began to suspect those people they’d deemed idiots were probably right all along – it didn’t deter them. Some time later mutual pal Lowell Killen (Guitar) visited the band’s rehearsal space and ended up joining – such is the power of Satan’s will.

With a DIY ethic influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth and a general air of malaise about the industry, I See Angels record their music in basements and bedrooms, book their own shows and press/release their albums on vinyl with exquisitely designed artwork adorning the covers. They let people who care download their music for whatever sum they consider it to be worth – or take it for free if they’d rather the band suffer for their art. I See Angels next release is the six-track, electronic infused Artificial Sunshine EP. The future’s wide-open.

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