Macau Gambling History

Macau Gambling History

Macau is to China what Las Vegas is to the US, and that didn’t just happen overnight. Macau is far ahead in terms of gambling and is regarded as the gambling capital of Asia. Particularly if you are not familiar with gambling, the previously Portuguese colony might not ring a bell.

Macau is an amazing country with many remarkable features that cut across its beautiful landscape, economy and people. It is said that the residents are the wealthiest, with the country’s GDP per capita being the highest than any other country in the world. Owing to its Portuguese history, the official language is Portuguese. However, the country is densely populated, with over 25% of the immigrants from China. Thanks to its proximity to China’s mainland.

There have been so many questions regarding how this tiny peninsula dotted with numerous islands rose through the ranks from being a mere Portuguese colony to being a special administrative region of China and a top gambling destination for players from across the world. This evolution has been tied to China since it took over the affairs of Macau from the Portuguese.

Meanwhile, Macau holds this position for several reasons, among which is the fact that it is a top choice for high rollers. However, you can enjoy a similar experience in Canada, home to some of the finest online casinos, including the prestigious Fallsview Casino in Niagara. 

In this review, Michelle Thomas, being a sourdough of the gambling industry, plunged into the progression of Macau from historic times to date, its economic revolutions and how the country rose to become the richest gambling region in the world.

The Macau Gambling Experience

The position as the world’s casino capital is not a mere hype, rather, this is a well-deserved adoration that can only be explained from personal experience. Gambling is different. It is designed such that players take so much pleasure in high rollers. Hence, the majority of earnings do not come from the intermittent visitor who stops by to wager on a few hundred dollars. Rather, if you are looking to make a statement by dropping an eye-popping amount on the table, then Macau is where you should be.

Certainly, to be able to attract such high rollers, there is no doubt that Macau has put in place the necessary infrastructures. The aura that greets you from the eruption of colourful volcanoes travelling several meters into the air to the beautiful chandeliers housing thousands of little lights hanging over breathtaking majestic venues is indescribable.

The beautiful and architectural defying building is more than enough experience on its own. This is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. For example, the Macau version of the Venetian is over 4 times the size of its counterpart in Las Vegas, making it the largest casino in the world. Certainly, playing in the largest casino in the world is already enough experience, but that’s only just the beginning, Macau has so much more to offer.

Even more, gambling in Macau feels different as the region’s culture has a strong influence on the available games and how you will be treated. For example, unlike in Las Vegas, where you are treated to a complimentary glass of wine or beer, in Macau, what you get is a cup of tea.

Similarly, Baccarat takes the main floor against other games like poker, roulette and blackjack. Above all, the people are a major stand-out feature between what you get in Las Vegas or any other place and Macau. The fusion of traditional Chinese culture is a major influence on the table.

Of course, Portuguese and Chinese are the predominant languages. While this may not pose a major hindrance to your performance and overall experience, you can as well improve on your language or learn some popular gambling terms.


Macau’s position as the gambling capital of the world has never been disputed, and the country has no plans to relinquish that position following the series of new developments and projects in the country. Gambling accounts for a greater percentage of the revenue generated in Macau, making it its biggest GDP contributor. Its unique approach to attracting high rollers has been a major catalyst to sustaining these increasing returns.

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