I biked down with my camera in my back pack to Telfords Warehouse, Chester anticipating a huge bank holiday weekend crowd and I was highly disappointed, it was quite odd for it to be this quiet on a bank holiday, however I spoke to front man Mike Ellis about taking some pictures of the set before hand, he was a respectful chilled out guy and said that I could so I waited about for a few hours.


The band came on stage shortly after 10:30 and sounded absolutely fantastic, they were very tight and knew what they were doing, it was a great experience and i'm glad I was there surrounded by people that were loving the music as much as me. I turned around after a minute or so of taking photo's to check the crowd to see if the turn out was a little bit better and I was shocked, it was so packed I couldn't get through the multitude of people that were dancing away to
the music!


Signed with Deltasonic Records, who I must say should be like proud parents at this point. The Vryll Society boys pulled out Deep Blue Skies from their bag of goodies which to start off was leisurely and psychedelic, the rhythm and layers slapped on the guitar was different, much like Speak To Me by Pink Floyd then picks up a faster pace just over half way through. The whole set was just something anyone could move to and was moving to. With lead singer swanning around with the mic and feeling the rhythm as much as the crowd while shaking his floppy hair around, the evening over all was hugely appreciable, get yourself down to one of their gigs before their tour ends!

A more sanguine tune titled Beautiful Faces was more up my street yet still slightly as prog rock and psychedelic as the rest of the set, there were no complaints at all from the crowd, venue nor me.The Vryll Society (formerly Dirty Rivers) are a very talented young band from Liverpool and I highly advise that you check them out as soon as you can, they are about to go somewhere big.


It’s obvious to the selected few that this band take time and effort out of their days to come up with colourful pieces of music that they put on display for us at Telfords Warehouse, I will say they don't need but do deserve a lot more recognition and it will come to them in due time of course.

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