LITANY shares new single ‘Die Hard (Is A Christmas Film)’


“Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!” If you’re one of the countless people who get the festive season started by once again watching McClane take on Gruber in ‘Die Hard’, you’ll know that translates approximately as “Christmas is on the way.” And that’s also the inspiration for the confessional alt-popper Litany’s brand new single ‘Die Hard (Is A Christmas Film)’. 

Litany’s ability to delve into the minefield of modern love – from innocence and naivety to small misunderstandings with big consequences – has been a major part of the appeal, which has seen her amass over 100 million streams to date. Now given a playful, light-hearted twist, that first-person storytelling approach also informs ‘Die Hard (Is A Christmas Film)’. It’s the tale of two people whose relationship is perfectly in sync… except for their wildly differing opinions on ‘Die Hard’.

Appropriately enough, the song – much like the film – bypasses the usual seasonal sentimentally but still captures the spirit of the season in its own unique way. And besides, Litany is right. From its setting to its Christmas narrative tropes and Run DMC’s ‘Christmas in Hollis’ featuring on the soundtrack, ‘Die Hard (Is A Christmas Film)’. Even the film’s writer, Steven E. de Souza, agrees.

Litany says, “The song is about two people who are stupidly in synch and literally on the same page about absolutely everything except for the age-old yuletide debate; is Die Hard a Christmas film?”

The song was written with and produced by Earl Saga (Loyle Carner, Finn Askew) alongside Litany.

Listen to ‘Die Hard (Is A Christmas Film)’ – BELOW:

2022 has been a year spent away from the spotlight for Litany, with no releases and very limited social media presence prior to this. Instead, Litany has recharged her batteries, managed the usual humdrum realities of life, and is now resurfacing with a refreshed creativity which promises great things for 2023.

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