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LAZY DAY share video for new single 'Real Feel' - Watch Now

London based Lazy Day plays a headline Belfast show on October 11th, 2019 at McHughs Basement. Lazy Day began in 2014 as the solo bedroom project of Tilly Scantlebury. After recording her songs in her makeshift bedroom studio, news about Lazy Day spread so quickly that she put together her now four-piece band. Joined by Beni Evans on drums, Liam Hoflay on lead guitar and Kris Lavin on bass, the warmth and energy they have on stage as a unit is infectious. Everyone’s invited to the party, nobody is left out. Mark Millar caught up with Tilly to talk about the show and new music.

LAZY DAY Announce a headline Belfast show on October 11th 2019 at McHughs Basement

Hi Tilly so how did the band get together?

TS: I had written some sad songs and needed to find some kind and talented people to bring them to life with. I found Beni on drums first, then Lee on guitar, then Kris on bass. And now we rock through this life together.

This summer you played at Community, Latitude and Kendal Calling, as well as recent support slots with Bloc Party, Girlpool and No Vacation. What have been your highlights from those shows?

TS: Playing with bands that we love and playing to their really kind audiences. That really is such a cool thing.

Lazy Day plays a headline Belfast show on October 11th, 2019 at McHughs Basement. Are you looking forward to playing for the Belfast crowd?

TS: So excited! I’ve played a solo show in Belfast before but never with the full band, so I’m really looking forward to experiencing it with all of them. We also asked for recommendations on Instagram and got loads of good tips, so I think we’re gonna have a fab time.

I have been enjoying your latest single ‘Real Feel’ the first new music from the band since the acclaimed Letters EP. What can you tell me about the song?

TS: We recorded it on the hottest day of the year in our studio and I’ve never sweated so much. We ate mojito ice lollies to try and cool down. It’s about moving through the weight of your past and into the openness of a happier future.

What is your songwriting process?

TS: It’s always a bit different for every song, but the general format for me seems to be: openness, writing, excitement, frustration, demo-ing, reworking, sharing, fear, practicing, happiness, playing, recording.

The band has recorded a string of singles and EP’s. Could there be a Lazy Day album soon?

TS: Watch! This! Space!

You all have jobs outside the band. Do you find it hard to manage both?

TS: It’s difficult sometimes to switch between our Lazy Day brains to our normal life brains, but we’ve gotten professional at that juggling. It makes us all appreciate it more in a funny kind of way. Right now we’re all in the van and off work, and it’s so fun to be doing that together.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

TS: To be kinder, and to value kindness higher.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

TS: I love being able to turn bad things into songs and feeling powerful whilst playing them. I love meeting new people and going to new places. I love spending so much time with Beni, Lee, and Kris.

Do you have a favorite record that you always return to?

TS: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

What have you been listening to recently that you could recommend?

TS: Listen to the new Angel Olsen album if you know what’s good for you.

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UK/EU Tour Dates:

Oct 10th | Dublin, IE - The Sound House
Oct 11th | Belfast, UK - McHugh's Basement Bar
Oct 12th | Glasgow, UK - Tenement Trail
Oct 19th | Norwich, UK - Wild Paths Festival
Oct 31st | Guildford, UK - Boileroom &
Nov 1st | Brighton, UK - Hope & Ruin &
Nov 2nd | Leicester, UK - The Cookie &
Nov 7th | Birmingham, UK - Sunflower Lounge %
Nov 8th | Manchester, UK - Jimmy's %
Nov 9th | Liverpool, UK - Sound Basement %

& = w/ Wych Elm
% = w/ Junodream

Tickets on sale NOW from, & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide. Northern Ireland customers 0844 277 44 55 & Republic of Ireland customers 0818 719 300.

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