INTERVIEW: Koen van de Wardt from Klangstof on new album – ‘Godspeed To The Freaks’

Credit: Anton Corbijn

In episode #107 of The XS Noize Podcast, Mark Millar catches up with Koen van de Wardt from Dutch sonic explorers Klangstof to talk about their new album – ‘Godspeed To The Freaks’

Going deeper, darker and more unpredictable while bringing their live energy to their studio recordings has paid off for Klangstof. They’ve enjoyed a summer of significant shows as guests to Pixies, including Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl. In this interview, Klangstof frontman Koen van de Wardt talks about the band’s formation, writing and recording the new album, musical influences and much more.

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Klangstof ends the year with another tour with Pixies, covering Australia and New Zealand. Please see their website for a list of all international shows.


‘Godspeed To The Freaks’ tracklist:

‘The Alarm’
‘Godspeed To The Freaks’
‘Devil’s Lair’
‘Plastic Gun’
‘How Do I Feel’
‘All Of My Reasons Are Distractions’

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