Four simple ways that musicians relax between tour dates

Four simple ways that musicians relax between tour dates

Live shows are one of the best parts of the job for most musicians, they get to meet fans, share new music and travel with their bandmates. Whether the planned route takes in a few local clubs, multiple big cities or global destinations, it can be a test of the group’s resilience. Playing on stage is incredibly rewarding, but touring musicians are away from home and everything that’s familiar to them. So how can they manage the negative elements of life on tour and end with the experience feeling positive?

Getting organized

When artists can’t remember where they’re playing later and don’t know how long they’ll be staying, life can quickly become stressful. One way of alleviating the problem is by adding a little structure to the process. Musicians often have a schedule of the tour with them at all times and read through the coming days or weeks to see what’s coming up. That way, they know where they will be visiting next, the length of their stay and which hotel they will be using. Having this kind of information to hand can impose a sense of order on the sometimes-chaotic experience of being on tour.

Playing and writing tunes

Listening to music is often recommended to students who want to study or revise in a calm state of mind. As touring can be a demanding experience, many musicians also turn on some soothing tracks to help them unwind after a gig or when they’re on the road. Writing new material can also relieve a musician’s tension because it gives them an outlet for their creativity and allows their emotions to come to the fore. When an entire band is touring, getting together to write new music can unite the group and help them get through a demanding schedule together.

Gaming at online casinos

Gaming is a recognized way of beating stress and dealing with feelings of tension. Musicians can play a few titles to relieve the pressures of performing by focusing on the gameplay. When there is time to kill, people on tour often like to visit an online casino to play Quickspin games. There’s a huge range of slots and promotions to choose from, so they can conveniently while away a few hours, needing nothing more than a smartphone.

Enjoying the silence

The majority of musicians lead exciting and hectic lives. Whilst many would not have it any other way, some may appreciate a little peace from time to time. During these periods of downtime, often when travelling from location to location, they concentrate on lowering their stress levels. This could be through reading a book, crafting, watching a film, or even meditating for an hour.

Touring is part of life for professional groups and solo singers, though it can be difficult to manage the feelings of stress being on the road creates. However, there are effective ways for musicians to manage their anxiety and concentrate on performing for their fans.

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