EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM release video for new single ‘High Rise, Low Rise’ – Watch Now!

EMPEROR OF ICE CREAM release video for new single ‘High Rise, Low Rise’ - Watch Now!

July 9th will see Emperor of Ice Cream release ‘High Rise, Low Rise’ which is accompanied by an outstanding video. This will be the final instalment to be taken from their highly acclaimed debut album ‘No Sound Ever Dies’.

The video which was written and directed by Veronica Terreblanche and reimagined by Emperors frontman John Haggis will mark ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ first anniversary and the 2nd pressing of the album on vinyl and CD. The album which upon release entered the official Irish album charts at number 35 and topped the independent charts was also in the top 20 highest selling Irish releases of 2020.

Watch the video for ‘High Rise, Low Rise’ – BELOW:

Since Emperor of Ice Cream announced their return from a twenty-five-year hiatus in May 2020 and with the release of their long-awaited debut album last August, they have embarked on a chapter that very few, if any, expected would be written. As well as the release of acclaimed debut and due to the wide acclaim for the album and the associated singles the band have not only appeased their long-established cult following but have garnered a new legion of supporters around the globe, which in turn created a renewed demand for the bands back catalogue.

April saw the band release a compilation album of their three early and extremely well-received EPs (Overflow, William and Know Me) which unless you were lucky enough to pick up a physical copy back in the pre digital 90’s, were no longer available. The album reached number 21 in the official album charts and number 3 in the independent charts and the limited-edition physical copies were sold out on the day of release.

Emperor of Ice Cream are currently putting the finishing touches to their next single which is due out in August.

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