ELEANOR K shares new single ‘The Panic’s Over’ – Listen Now

ELEANOR K shares new single 'The Panic’s Over' - Listen Now

During a decade of touring with Crystal Fighters, Eleanor K was a big part of their inclusive, celebratory sound as they rose from a warehouse in east London to playing some of the world’s biggest festivals and arenas. She recently took the first step towards releasing her debut solo album ‘Everytime’s The Last Time’ by sharing its first single ‘All In’, which starred Jack Fox in the video.

The song’s dark-hued, introspective emotions were a world apart from the feel-good vibes of Crystal Fighters, but it made for a compelling single which earned tastemaker support from Wonderland, Noctis and more.

Now Eleanor K continues to explore her story – crisis, self-analysis and an eventual rebirth – by sharing ‘The Panic’s Over’, the second song to preview the album. Listen BELOW:

‘The Panic’s Over’ is a song that starts feeling firmly in the singer-songwriter tradition, her hushed vocal delicately admitting, “I’d like to think that I could love myself / But I don’t even like myself.” But each additional layer adds something creatively unconventional – from multi-layered choral harmonies that take on a celestial air to a ruptured clash of searing guitar and striking beats that underlines its inner angst before it fades away just as beautifully as it emerged.

‘“The Panic’s Over’ is about spending years trying to control things that can’t be controlled,” says Eleanor K. “It was a self- fulfilling prophecy that I had become rather attached to: Romanticising bad and inefficient aspects of my life, self-loathing, anorexia, pushing everyone away and then being sad when no one was there.”

Entirely self-written and produced, given the subject ‘The Panic’s Over’ has understandably taken time to come to light. The idea first emerged in Glendale, Los Angeles back in 2017 and it has evolved wherever Eleanor K has travelled since. She was living the life she is singing about in the song: doing things her own way, rejecting any offers of support, and struggling with bursts of anxiety. The place she was staying in probably didn’t help either, an eccentrically decorated building with car parts hanging out of the walls and spaceships decorating the kitchen.

A handful of friends and collaborators contributed to the song along the way – Nixi Nicks (Stevie Nicks’ niece), Dom Apa(from electro-rock trio Is Tropical), Sebastien Betley (of the post-hardcore band New Language), Will Anspach (Vic Mensa, Frank Ocean, Run The Jewels) and even her father – before it was completed earlier this year at her studio in London.

Eleanor K adored the time and the experiences she spent with Crystal Fighters, but years of touring took its toll. When mixed with moving from city to city, it instigated a personal crisis: the contrast of being constantly busy on tour then feeling lost when during breaks; growing stresses from addiction and personal insecurities. Eventually, she realised that the only way she’d escape from her vicious cycle was to embrace a regular, consistent routine for the first time in a decade or more. That led to a new focus on her music, her dark, existential pop shaded with the brighter light of new beginnings.

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