COLDPLAY announce album track-listing in local newspapers across the globe

COLDPLAY announce album track-listing in local newspapers across the globe

Coldplay took an unconventional route to announce the track-listing for their upcoming double album ‘Everyday Life’ – placing an advert in local newspapers around the world.

Chris Martin and co decided to make the low-key announcement in the classified ads section of the North Wales Daily Post, where guitarist Jonny Buckland, who grew up in Pantymwyn, North Wales, once worked, as well as Devon’s Express and Echo, in a nod to frontman Chris’ home city of Exeter, Devon, plus Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, New Zealand’s Otago Daily Times and France’s Le Monde.

Sharing a link to the Daily Post’s article about the news, Jonny wrote on Coldplay’s Facebook and Twitter pages: “I once had a holiday job at the Daily Post, placing photos of houses for sale. I wasn’t very good at it. JB (sic)”

The ad was published alongside a fridge freezer for sale and a notice by the Welsh Government.

The 16-track LP, which is released on November 22, is composed of one half titled ‘Sunrise’, and the other is called ‘Sunset’.

Chris has also shared some details about the inspiration behind the record, which he says is the band’s “reaction to the perceived negativity that’s everywhere” and how important it is to take notice of the “great” things happening too.

In a preview from the 42-year-old singer’s interview on BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds, which is aired tonight from 7.30 pm, he shared: “It’s all about just being human.

“Every day is great and every day is terrible … It just feels kind of free.

“There’s so much life bursting out on the planet.

“[The album] is our reaction to the perceived negativity that’s everywhere.

“And there is a lot of trouble, but there’s also so much positivity and so much great life happening.

“So in a way, it’s just trying to make sense of things, saying what we feel and what we see.”

The British band started teasing details of their follow-up to 2015’s ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ by having posters put up in places including Berlin and Hong Kong.

The ‘Yellow’ hitmakers also sent letters out to fans, which teased that they were “working on a thing called Everyday Life”.

The note continued: “In the classifieds, you might write ‘double album for sale, one very careful owner’.

“One half is called ‘sunrise’, the other half is called ‘sunset’. It comes out 22 November.

“It is sort of how we feel about things. We send much love to you from hibernation. (sic)”

Hear Chris Martin on Radio 1’s Future Sounds tonight from 7.30 pm.

Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Annie Mac is on air every Monday – Thursday from 7 – 9 pm.

The track-listing for ‘Everyday Life’ is as follows:

Part 1:

1. ‘Sunrise’

2. ‘Church’

3. ‘Trouble in Town’

4. ‘Broken’

5. ‘Daddy’

6. ‘WOTW / POTP’

7. ‘Arabesque’

8. ‘When I Need a Friend’

Part 2:

1. ‘Guns’

2. ‘Orphans’

3. ‘Èko’

4. ‘Cry Cry Cry’

5. ‘Old Friends’

6. ‘Children of Adam’

7. ‘Champion of the World’

8. ‘Everyday Life’

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