LIAM GALLAGHER reveals his third album will be called ‘Come On You Know’

LIAM GALLAGHER reveals his third album will be called 'Come On You Know'

Liam Gallagher has let slip that his third album will be titled ‘Come On You Know’. The former Oasis star only dropped ‘Why Me? Why Not.’ a month ago, but he’s already chosen the title for its follow-up which is in the works.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on his Apple Music Beats 1 radio show, Liam – who launched his solo career in 2017 with ‘As You Were’ – spilled: “Yeah. The next one is going to be called ‘Come On You Know’, pure positive.

“Right legit. “As soon as I get the titles man, we are off.” Asked if the name was inspired by a painting like his latest record – which is named after two pieces of art given to him by idol John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono – he quipped: “I probably had a bit of something … “Come on you know!”

Meanwhile, the ‘Shockwave’ hitmaker also admitted that the two things he misses the most about Oasis is the “paychecks” and his estranged brother Noel Gallagher.

Despite the pair being at war since the Britpop group split in 2009, Liam has nothing but “pure love” for his sibling and former bandmate. He said: “It’s only Oasis when the both of us are there man. “It’s nice man the gigs are good man.

“In England especially they’re going off just like they were when we were playing in Oasis there’s lots of fighting down the front there’s lots of flares going on just how I like it there’s no one scratching their chins I’m getting that same vibe the only thing you’re missing is I guess the paychecks and me brother.

“Yeah, of course, I miss him being there.” He added: “No but deep down I feel the same way all the way whether I’m digging him out or we’re having a crack at each other I adore him I love him he’s my brother, you can veer off and go ‘yeah he said that bit’ but the main core of it is pure love man.” The ‘One of Us’ hitmaker recently admitted he believes Noel s “desperate” to reunite with him – but his wife Sara MacDonald “won’t let him”.

The siblings’ feud was taken up a level in June, when a war of words on social media was sparked when Noel shared a threatening message Liam had sent about Sara to the guitarist’s 19-year-old daughter Anais, telling his niece to warn her stepmother to be “very careful” after she mocked the former Oasis frontman ahead of his performance at Glastonbury Festival.

Liam, 47, has now given Noel, 53, the chance to settle their differences once and for all, but admitted he doesn’t think his spouse will allow them to. The ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker tweeted this week: “We all have the ability to forgive n forget you’ve just got to want to and we all know your desperate to hang out with your little bro it’s just your Mrs won’t let ya oh well as you were LG x (sic)”

The younger Gallagher brother has been very vocal about his dislike for Sara in the last few years and he has cited her as a major contributing factor to the break-up of Oasis branding her a “witch” on numerous occasions.

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