JAKE EVANS - Debut album 'Day one', Released 31st July, 2015

This is Jake Evans first solo album and it’s a pretty solid one to start off with. I have seen and heard his contributions to Jimi Goodwin’s album and consequent live shows which he did some support slots, this shows in his album. It was recorded in his own purpose-built studio in Macclesfield and features contributions from Jimi Goodwin and Bernard Sumner.

Rise and This is life are indicators to where it goes musically, the opener has Manchester written all over it as does This is life on which Barney from New Order sings on limited editions of the album. It’s a theme that runs through it. The Horses could easily be a Doves track and sounds as if Jimi is doing the percussion a la Almost Forgot Myself, if not it, certainly comes from that mould. Day One is written in an autobiographical sense and is an apt title track. Telephone could easily fit onto an Oasis mid 90’s album or off Noel Gallagher’s solo albums.  The album does sort of sound like it’s stuck in that moment of time. I was picking my brains as to what his voice sounds like then it hit me, Danny McNamara from Embrace.

Beautiful Feeling and Glorious most certainly are to these ears. Not that it’s a slight on the tracks, It’s just hitting that vibe as a theme throughout. Last One Standing and Easy On My Soul close the album the former track channels Paul Weller. Easy On My Soul is closer on an ‘epic’ scale with a slow build and gospel vocals bringing it to a fitting end. Think cigarette lighters aloft or should that be mobile phones! So it’s a solid debut album that hits the right notes and given a good radio push Jake should go on to bigger and better things.

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