YOUNG DECADES share visual for new single ‘Let You Down’

YOUNG DECADES share visual for new single ‘Let You Down’

Born from the ashes of several other musical projects, Young Decades sound like they’ve existed for years. In reality, they’ve only been making music together since April 2020. When the world shut down last year, Young Decades didn’t let it stop them – releasing a flurry of songs, remixes and live tracks.

Still considering themselves underdogs, Young Decades’ music has gained more streams in their 9-month lifespan than did all of their previous projects combined.

To date, they have released a new track every 9 weeks, and now they collect together the first four singles, along with the new release ‘Let You Down’, a soaring and euphoric guitar anthem, as an EP set to be released on March 5th 2021.

Young Decades know exactly who they are and what they want to be, constantly working toward their goal of self-sufficiency - integrating a studio into their home, tracking and engineering everything themselves.

The record was produced by songwriter James Tidd, who has built a trusted team around the band, including a guiding ear from Human League bassist Ian Burden, a long-time friend and engineer Tom Longworth (Vistas, Tom Speight) and mastering Engineer Mike Marsh (Phoenix, Chemical Brothers, Empire of the Sun).

With no one genre-defining their sound, every track on the EP is different from the last: from the frenetic piano on ‘Good as Gold’, through chest-thumping acoustics of ‘No Sleep’. to the straight-up synth-pop of EP opener ‘Islands’.

‘Let You Down' is out now. The band have released a visual to go with the track - Watch BELOW:

The full EP Track-list is:

1. Islands
2. No Sleep
3. Good As Gold
4. Let You Down
5. Girlfriend

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