XS Noize Music Podcast: Episode #5 – Catherine Anne Davies AKA The Anchoress talks about her debut album ‘Confessions of A Romance Novelist’ – Listen/Download

Catherine Anne Davies AKA The Anchoress
Photo by Annick Wolfers

Hailing from Wales Catherine Anne Davies aka The Anchoress is a woman of numerous talents; a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and PhD holder. She lists among her musical credits co-producing with Paul Draper, being a member of Simple Minds on their recent tour, and a member of the Scottish super group The Dark Flowers.

Catherine Anne Davies, released her debut album, the brilliant ‘Confessions of A Romance Novelist’ on January 8, 2016. Mark Millar had a chat with Catherine to discuss the album and upcoming shows.

Also on the show, XS Noize writer Julie Blore-Bizot joins Mark Millar with the first of a series of reports about L.A. music venues. This weeks unsigned band are The Insomniac Project with their brilliant track Vacillation.

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