WINGS OF DESIRE release soaring new single ‘Perfect World’

WINGS OF DESIRE release soaring new single 'Perfect World'
Photo Credit: Wings of Desire

Wings of Desire release new single ‘Perfect World’ today via WMD Recordings, following acclaimed 2021 EPs ‘Amun-Ra’ and ‘End of An Age’.

Operating at the intersection between pensive reflection and brash catharsis, Wings of Desire’s gritty dream-pop aims to resolve on a life-affirming beat. New single ‘Perfect World’ follows this path – exploring necessary destruction in the face of a buoyant rebirth. As the duo explain:

“Perfect World is about everything around you falling apart so that something even better can form in its place. Out with the old and in with the new as they say. It’s a melancholy sweetness against a backdrop of industrial optimism.”

The juxtaposition of light and shade alluded to here, and its subsequent coalescence leans into the duo’s desire to turn a spotlight on the nuances of life. This underpins a musical project conveying the complexities of the world against an immersive and sentimental backdrop.

Formed of couple Chloe Little and James Taylor, Wings of Desire are obsessed and inspired by a number of scenes. Noughties New York indie and Factory Records are prominent in their spiky influence, but they zero in on a particular Germanic experience as a key catalyst:

“We were inspired by a trip to Berlin where we visited the legendary Hansa studios and got drunk at Neues Ufer.”

Watch the video ‘Perfect World’ – BELOW: 

The former guildhall’s iconic acoustics and enviable thread of musical history (at times the haunt of David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop and more) makes a perfect spiritual home for the band’s celestial command of sound and emotion.

This approach has seen Wings Of Desire selected for tour supporting Brooklyn indie darlings Nation of Language at the start of this year.

‘Perfect World’ – the new single from Wings of Desire – is out now via WMD Recordings

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