INTERVIEW: Wings Of Desire discuss their new EP, 'Amun-Ra'

INTERVIEW: Wings Of Desire discuss their new EP, 'Amun-Ra'

In episode #50 of The XS Noize Music Podcast, Mark Millar catches up with Chloe and James of Wings Of Desire to talk about their fantastic new EP Amun-Ra.

Amun-Ra moves on from the observant nature of debut EP End Of An Age and into a more inwardly focused journey of self-discovery. It is named after the ancient Egyptian deity, the transcendental creator of the universe and the god of light. It represents unlimited and boundless freedom. It explores the trappings of time, ageing, and looks back with a nostalgic glow on past misdealings and successes. Amun-Ra leaves breadcrumbs for anyone growing up and asking the big existential questions on life, lighting the way for the disenfranchised.

Sonically the EP continues the exploration of 60s pop songwriting, noise rock, and euphoric atmospherics, and lifts it into new horizons. Produced by the band and mixed by kindred spirit Vincent Cacchione (Caged Animals). It includes both ‘Choose A Life’, and ‘Better Late Than Never’.

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out now via WMD Recordings

1. Choose A Life
2. Better Late Than Never
4. Forgive & Forget

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