Why Have Online Slot Games Become So Popular?

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The world’s first slot machine, The Liberty Bell, was invented in 1898. Even its inventor couldn’t imagine a world where millions of people would play this from home or work.

Technology evolved to bring us the first video slot games in the 1970s. The first ones were seen in the home of casinos, Las Vegas.

Although many people were aware of slot games, some may never have played one before the advent of the internet. In 1996, the world changed when the first slot games were introduced online.

In the two decades that have passed since, players now have a plethora of options for slots. Millions of people play online slots daily, enjoying games at the Rainbow Riches Casino from their own homes.

At least 1.6 billion people play games online regularly, and that number is steadily rising. But what is it about slots that draws people in and keeps them returning?

Factors that boost the popularity of online slots

  1. The progress of smartphone technology

One of the top things that has influenced the growth of online slots is smartphone technology. People no longer need to access a PC or laptop to play slots, they can play on their mobile phone.

As people carry their phones with them everywhere, it means they can play from anywhere.

Touchscreen technology has progressed to the point that it is perfect for game play. The high-resolution screen displays the game very well, which wasn’t the case 10 years ago.

Also, slots are suited to phones in the sense that you can pick it up or put it down anytime. This emulates our normal behaviour with phones, so it’s easy to adapt.

If you want a more immersive experience, you can wear your headphones.

  1. Improved connectivity

4G, 5G and high speeds have made the internet more reliable. This is important when playing games, as dropped connections were once a source of consternation.

The better connectivity available means that you can play almost anywhere:

  • On the sofa
  • On the train
  • On a long distance bus ride
  • While waiting in a queue to renew your license
  1. Variety of options

There’s no doubt that the amount of options available to players has had an impact on the numbers playing. It could be said that there’s something for everyone.

The regular three line reel has not been phased out, but there is so much more on offer. People can now play games with a variety of themes, including:

  • Historical (such as Ancient Greece, Egypt or Rome)
  • Fantasy (genies, mermaids, wizards etc.)
  • Horror (The Halloween slot games are very popular)
  • TV shows (Star Trek, Friends, Narcos)
  • Music (Guns N’Roses slot game is a hit)

So if a player has another interest or hobby, they may decide to try the game that aligns with that. Think of superheroes and being able to play as one, or score symbols from your favourite movie.

Many sites also have dozens of games on offer, so you can try new games on the same platform.

  1. Superior design

Gone are the days where mobile phone games had basic graphics and functionality (anyone remember Snake?) Now phone developers are creating phones with gaming in mind, which means the visual experience is a focus.

Slots have rich colours, clear symbols and flashing lights. This all adds to the gaming experience, and players love it.

Not everyone says they pay attention to design and functionality, but it does add to their enjoyment.

  1. Rewards and bonuses

The world of online slots is competitive, with many different providers and developers. That is good news for players, as it means they will try and entice them in different ways.

Practically every site that hosts online games offers a welcome bonus of some description. This may appear as:

  • Bonus on deposit
  • Free spins
  • Cashback after a number games

Sites also give rewards to regular visitors. If you are loyal to one site, such as Rainbow Riches Casino, you’ll see that they give you bonuses.

Another way to get bonuses is during the game. Some games have wild or scatter symbols that increase your winnings or give you free spins.

Everyone loves something free, so this attracts more people to play slots online.

  1. Gamification

Players love to compete, and now online slots have features including tournaments and leaderboards. This means players can play against people all across the globe.

Extra rewards are included for achieving in these, which motivates players further.

Most popular slots of 2022

With so much choice available, players are truly spoilt for choice. So which ones are players enjoying most in 2022?

The following have ranked highly:

  1. Double Bubble Jackpot

Those who like classic slots are choosing this game repeatedly. It’s retro, it has 20-lines and a progressive jackpot for those chasing a big win.

  1. Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches comes in many varieties, including:

  • Rainbow Riches Megaway
  • Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold
  • Rainbow Riches Cluster Magic

So fans of the game never get bored. Wild symbols, 20 pay lines and many special features make it a player favourite in 2022.

  1. Cleopatra

Blending some history and magic, this game set in Ancient Egypt constantly appears in the game charts. Players love the Cleopatra Bonus on offer in this mysterious game.

Will online slots continue to grow?

The fact that slots require no skill and people can be playing within seconds makes them a good choice.

For simple entertainment value and ease of use, slots have found a place in the hearts of many. As game developers continue to enrich the experience and reward players, there’s no doubt more will be drawn to them.


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