Can you crack the code and unlock the vault in these slot games?

Can you crack the code and unlock the vault in these slot games?

There’s a puzzle waiting to be solved and we need your help to crack the code. Who knows what treasure and mysteries could lie within? It’s up to you to take to the reels and spin, to decode the enigma at hand.

What’s more, with video Slots on an online site like for example, you could witness all that these new and innovative games have to offer, which boast some impressive visual and audio features.

Fancy solving the problem and finding the treasure within the vault? Read on as we brief you on the mystery ahead, to see if you’ve got what it takes.

Da Vinci’s Vault

Delve into the mysterious slot game that is Da Vinci’s Vault, where you will be presented with a masterful puzzle. These intricate Slots are worthy of Da Vinci himself, featuring five reels and 20 pay-lines, and if you can decipher them, you could find an impressive jackpot worth 10,000 times your initial stake.

Take up your paintbrush and imagine that the reels are your canvas, as you create your own masterpiece through attempting to match the slot’s symbols. This slot will not only satiate your artistic desire but could also treat you to a host of free spins, if you’re able to land bonus symbols across the reels. If you sketch three bonus symbols on the reels then you will receive an unlimited number of free spins! If that’s not enough to colour your imagination, then we’re not sure what is.

This artsy puzzle features an unlimited supply of gratis turns, which will keep appearing until three skulls show up on the reels. When you first land a skull symbol, it will transform all other symbols into wilds. If this happens for a second time, the same thing will occur. If you solve the conundrum, finding a third skull on the reels then your free play will end and you can walk away with the impressive collection of prizes that Da Vinci has awarded you.

Vault of Anubis

There is an ancient mystery lying before you, in the form of an innovative slot, that is sure to get your mind ticking. The Vault of Anubis is a catacomb of secrets and intrigue, waiting to be unleashed. You can start attempting to decrypt this historic code by placing as little as 0.10 coins. What’s more, the jackpots in this mystifying slot could reach up to 5,000 times your wager.

This slot game may be ancient, but it’s anything but traditional. In this Egyptian-themed game it’s all about the clusters, which means that you could match over 30 symbols across the reels to release some of the biggest pay-outs.

This game is full to the brim with intriguing features, including gratis turns that will increase any wins that you have achieved with a multiplier. If you roll four ‘vault spins’ symbols, then you could unleash ten free spins. That’s not all, as there are plenty of high value symbols that you’ll want to find on your reels, which could trigger the Vault of Anubis bonus round.


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