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The Marriage

Fresh, new UK Americana / Country duo, The Marriage (Kirsten Adamson and Dave Burn) is excited to announce the release of their debut album IMAGINING SUNSETS, due for release on October 2nd, 2020. The duo’s intimate and eloquent lyrics weave stories of love, loss and life complexity and their powerful and flawless vocals compliment each other in beautifully intertwined harmonies that mesmerise the listener.

Brought together by a shared passion for songwriting and a constantly overlapping and intertwined musical career (they were both members of the acclaimed band AHAB), The Marriage embodies the beauty that can be achieved through the collaboration two brilliant musical minds.

Imagining Sunsets was recorded remotely during lockdown between Edinburgh and London at the bands home studios, and is beautifully self-produced. The first official single to be released from the album is DREAMERS on August 21st and is about drawing a line under love by getting together one last time. The track has an authentic country feel to it, showcasing impressive harmonies and featuring Joe Harvey-Whyte on pedal steel. Other musicians who play on the album include Fred Abbott on piano on Worse or Better and Rob Heath on the drums on Box & Burn It.

Watch the video for ‘Dreamers’ – BELOW:

Kirsten and Dave have been surrounded by music their entire lives, with Dave first picking up a guitar at the age of 7 and being signed by a major label at 15 and Kirsten spending her summers in Nashville with her father Stuart Adamson, founder of Skids and Big Country. Both have been playing in touring bands since their teens.

The name, The Marriage, for both Kirsten and Dave, whilst having many connotations, is more symbolic of their respective relationships with music. For each, music has come close to obsession as they have soldiered on despite the disappointment rife within the industry. Music represents their lives true loves, and this is clearly evident in the compilations and deliveries of their songs.

As in love, most of us trudge our way through a series of not-quite-right relationships, all of which help us grow and adapt until we (hopefully), meet our perfect match. The Marriage is the perfect union of two incredible musical souls at the end of this journey.

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